Wintergreen is considered the best low-maintenance all-round turf in the market. Tolerating warm weather and filtered sunlight, Wintergreen is ideal for most domestic and sport applications. The leaf has a fine to medium texture and has excellent drought and wear tolerance.

  • Sapphire


    Sapphire is the best available Buffalo grass in Australia for shade. Sapphire Buffalo Grass has rapid growth across the ground, allowing it to cope well with high traffic situations. Sapphire is drought tolerant grass that also holds its green colour well during the winter months.

  • Empire Zoysia

    Empire Zoysia

    Empire Zoysia is a fine leafed grass which is very soft to touch. Empire has excellent wear tolerance and thrives year round in Queensland. Empire generally requires less watering and has been proven to need one third of the mowing compared to other varieties.

  • Stadium grass

    Stadium grass

    Stadium grass is the darkest coloured green couch available. Stadium Couch has been specifically bread to suit sporting venues. Stadium Couch is designed to look great, with less care, less scalping and low mowing frequency.

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