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Stadium Sports Couch

Stadium Sports Couch

Stadium Sports Couch is the darkest coloured green couch available. Stadium Sports Couch has been specifically bread to suit sporting venues. Stadium Sports Couch is designed to look great, with less care, less scalping and low mowing frequency.


  • Darkest green of any Couch
  • Less scalping compared to other Couch types
  • Highly responsive to fertiliser
  • Stays darker green with low fertiliser in comparison to other Couch types
  • Excellent for warmer, dry or hotter humid regions
  • Ideal for cold climates due to its quick spring green up
  • Fast spread from the crowd.
  • Good density for high profile sports
  • Little seed head
  • Manicured look
  • Great dense stolon base for wear tolerance
  • Rhizomes just deep enough to be removed from wear zone, but not too deep that they take a long time to reshoot (ideal for sports use)
  • Responds well to over sowing with rye grass in cold climates due to its moderate thatch level
  • Fast runner growth for quick wear recovery, but slower leaf growth making it lower maintenance



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